November 26, 2013

Just Released: Student Commenting & Rating - CBE, GHSD and RVS

We are excited to share that students in CBE, GHSD and RVS now have the opportunity to share their thoughts, voice their opinions, and crowdsource their comments in CORE!

Students can now safely rate and comment on resources in diverse formats that come from a wide range of service providers including Discovery Education and CBC Learning. To get a better sense of what CORE offers users, you can watch the brief video: How I Use CORE. (Note the interface has been upgraded since the video was created – but functionality is the same).

FYI: All staff in CBE, CCSD, CRPS, GHSD and RVS can already contribute to CORE. Stay tuned to learn when your students can contribute too!

Accessing and contributing resources to CORE requires that students understand the importance of Digital Citizenship and are able to make appropriate decisions about posting content and comments in CORE. Use these resources to help you out:
If you have any questions or comments about CORE, please do not hesitate to contact the CORE Team at

November 22, 2013

Power Search

Tired of trying to remember how to do an advanced search in CORE?
"Where is that anyway?  I know I've seen it before!"
You've asked, and we've listened!
You will notice a NEW Power Search button that appears just BELOW the Search field.

Search by subject, resource type, format, grade level, etc.  Give it a try…it's waiting for you!

November 15, 2013

Join the CIA, Get Ready, and Enter to Win

1-Click Survey - Take this 5-minute survey (questions are ALL 1-click -- no typing required). Tell us how you use CORE and how we can make it better. 
Get Ready for Student Commenting and Rating - Teachers have been able to comment and rate resources in CORE since the spring. Now, give your students a protected taste of what it's like to leave a comment online. CBE, GHSD and RVS are turning on the ability for students to rate and comment on resources in CORE on Monday, Nov 18! Use these items to help you out!
Enter to Win - There's still time to contribute a link, lesson plan, student exemplar, or self-created item to share with students and teachers! Our contest ends November 25! You could win. Click here for details.

Experience Our Bold New Look - Check out the clean, easy-to-access look of CORE. Can’t see it? Then wipe your computer's memory about the sites you've visited by clearing your browser's cache. It only takes a second!

Join the CORE Input Advisory (CIA) Team - Take this 5-minute survey (questions are all 1-click) and sign up to be a part of the CIA Team at the end. We're planning some neat activities!

November 8, 2013

Resource Highlights #ByTeachers4Teachers

When you contribute a useful link, video, lesson plan, rubric, student exemplar, tutorial, or self-created resource to, you are sharing something that adds value to the educators and learners in the CORE community.

Right now, all staff in CBE, CCSD, RVS, GHSD and CRPS can contribute resources to CORE and there's a contest on for contributions until November 25! We've already received some great submissions since the contest opened a week ago! 

By the way, if you haven't yet, feel free to follow us on Twitter and/or sign up for email notifications from this blog!

Here are some contribution highlights #ByTeachers4Teachers